Paints landscapes and portraits

Taijasa in the Sanskrit word for radiant awareness. Enjoy guided imagery to plunge into the depths of your being where you become one with the great I AM. It may take successive sessions to achieve even a fleeting moment of I AM-ness, yet even a fleeting moment is a huge step toward spiritual awakening.

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Part 3: Closing poses for the chakra yoga class

Part 3 is the 21.5-minute closing portion of the Chakra Yoga Class. Includes transitions to the floor, ustrasana (a back bend), inversion poses, a short guided yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and a closing yoga mudra (the yogic seal) to seal it all in.

A 25-minute chakra clearing and energizing opening floor sequence consisting of breathing exercises, warm-ups, and some awesome stretches. To follow it, you can choose either Part 2: Standing Poses in a previous post, or Part 2a, not yet published, which will consist of standing poses to Chakra affirmations without the Bible verses, then Part 3 which will includes a transition to the floor, ustrasana (a back bend), inversion poses, a yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and yoga mudra, the yogic seal.

Enjoy 4.5 minutes of mandala and drum animations accompanied by a clip from “Prayer” by Shastro. After the mandalas, Cousin Bear arrives to offer you his protection. The video concludes with the appearance of Cousin Turtle, who offers her wisdom to guide you throughout your day.

The mandalas are part of the “Yantra” portfolio of digital images I created.

My new site, Patricia Leone Fine Art,, is now live. Since the new site does not feature a blog, I’ll still be posting to this site.

The patricialeone site focuses primarily on art and offers fine art and canvas prints of my work. Prices vary, depending on the sizes you choose and whether you choose to frame and/or mat them. Currently, not all of my work has passed their stringent requirements for prints. More will be offered as I work on preparing new photographs in higher resolution for upload.

Even if you are not in the market for works of art, please take a look at my site. I love an audience and cherish every click I can get! It shows up in the site statistics. Also, I want to thank all of you who have followed this site, and hope you will choose to follow my new site.

Quoted from chapter in PEACE IS EVERY STEP, by Thich Nhat Hanh, 

If we just act with awareness and integrity, our art will flower, and we won’t have to talk about it at all. When we know how to be peace, we find that art is a wonderful way to share our peacefulness.

Artistic expression will take place in one way or another, but being is essential. So we must go back to ourselves, and when we have joy and peace in ourselves, our creations of art will be quite natural, and they will serve the world in a positive way.

Revised Version (Subject to further changes, as is all of my work!)

Original 2017 Photograph
Rough draft experimenting with brighter colors
First Version (I cheated by shaving several inches off my belly and changing the bathing suit to black!)

More and more, I’m finding painting is like writing. I’ll think it’s complete, then I look at it several days, weeks, or months later, and want to change it!

Procreate version of 2018 photo of my sisters Sally and Laurie taking a break under the dappled shade of the gingko trees on the farm. They were setting up for Laurie’s daughter, Annie’s wedding.

Zoom in to see the details!

Created with Procreate for IPad
March Winds
“March wind is a jolly fellow;
He likes to joke and play.
He turns umbrellas inside out,
And blows men’s hats away.
He calls the pussy willows
And whispers in each ear,
Wake up you lazy little seeds,
Don’t you know that spring is here?”


Catching dinner off Lazaretto pier in Tybee Island, Georgia. If you zoom in, you’ll see that she is on crutches and talking on her cell phone.

Catching Dinner off of Lazaretto pier on Tybee Island, Georgia

Based on a small section of the photograph below, courtesy of my sister Sally.

This gorgeous one of my sister Pam in her forties was fun to do. I emphasized her high Native American cheekbones that I wish I had inherited and almost got lost “painting” all the lovely hair. Oh for youth and having lots of hair! All five of us sisters started losing hair in our fifties. As the oldest, I barely have enough to cover my scalp!

Portrait of Pam with Procreate painting app, based on photograph below

Based on this photograph of Pam and
my Dad. You can see where she got her cheekbones!

Returning to Thunderbolt, 2020
Won honorable mention in J. Maine Gallery’s Annual H20 contest. After you click on the link above, enjoy some fabulous work as you scroll down to this painting and Into the Greater light on the right side.

Into the Greater Light, January 2021
Won honorable mention at the J. Mane Gallery’s H20 contest. Finished on January 1, 2021, as a lighter version of the darker one below. The gentle ripples in the lower right corner usher in a brighter light for 2021.

Into the Light, November 2020
symbolizes a weary world’s struggle to keep the focus on the light coming through the dark clouds of 2020.

Announcing the release of an 11.5 minute yoga nidra podcast episode featuring Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Muladhara, the first of the seven chakras, in the yogic tradition the major subtle energy centers in the body, and Manipura, the third chakra.

Kick off your shoes and relax! You can enjoy this yoga nidra seated in a chair or in shivasana, the supine resting pose on your back, OR before falling off to sleep.

The cover art is a photo of Madonna of Willendorf, my painting inspired by the iconography of the Madonna and the ancient Venus of Willendorf, an over 27,000-old mother goddess figure discovered in Willendorf, Austria, in 1901.

You can also view it on the Into the Light apple podcast.

In the yogic tradition, there are seven major chakras representing the primary subtle energy centers in the body. Muladhara, the first chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the seat of debt and karma, congested emotions and past wrongs, those whom we have hurt and those who have hurt us.

Just as forgiveness is the foundation of Christianity, so too, does forgiveness play a major role in Muhladhara, our foundation. Only when we let go of all resentments and guilt, can we cleanse Muhladhara to a brilliant ruby red, making room for Divine Forgiveness to fill our bodies with its healing power.

Manipura, the third chakra, at the solar plexus, represents the will and ego. By aligning our will to the divine will, we clear Manipura to the brilliant midday sun yellow of Divine Purpose, guiding us to the proper times to act and the times to refrain from action, as described in Ecclesiastes.

“The only way in which one can make endurable man’s inhumanity to man, and man’s destruction of his own environment, is to exemplify in your own lives man’s humanity to man and man’s reverence for the place in which he lives.”

Alan Paton

Note: The brass sculpture I created when I was twenty represents all forms of repression: negative emotions holding an individual back; one person holding another back; and racism, hatred, and indifference holding a group back.