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Part 3: Closing Poses

Part 3: Closing poses for the chakra yoga class Part 3 is the 21.5-minute closing portion of the Chakra Yoga Class. Includes transitions to the floor, ustrasana (a back bend), inversion poses, a short guided yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and a closing yoga mudra (the yogic seal) to seal it all in.

Christian Yoga Class

Part 2a is the Christian version of the standing portion of the Chakra Yoga Class. You can choose it to follow Part 1: Stay tuned for more versions in the works: Part 2b done to chakras without the Bible verses; Part 2c, done to the Bible without the chakras; and Part 2d, a faster […]

Two New Podcast Episodes

Explains the meaning of the Hindu words and ends with a yoga nidra, deep relaxation, based on the mantra. Moses’ Prayer while climbing Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments.


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