Digital Works

My digital paintings continue to celebrate the beauty of the places and people around me. While most are based on photographs, I’ve thrown in a few that were just pure fun. To see larger versions (via a zoom X in the lower right corner) and buy prints, take a peek at my Digital Works gallery at

Spring Is Here!

Leona Patrick

Trees on Pageland

Farm in Gainesville, Virginia, based on photo below.

Trees on Pageland 2

Another version of same scene

Sunrise on Thunderbolt

Based on photo below.

Sun Gold Marina

View of sunrise over Thunderbolt Marina, based on photo below

Lazaretto Sunset

Based on photo below.

Taking a Break

Laurie and Sally at Pageland taking a break from preparing for Laurie’s daughter Annie’s wedding.

Party Time!

Having a little abstract fun.

Autumn on Pageland

Based on photo below.

Back River Morning

Back River on Tybee Island, Georgia, based on portion of photo below.

Condos by Marina

Digitized photo of Bahia Bleu Condos by the Morningstar Marina in Thunderbolt, Georgia

Sally In Middle School

Sally Now

Page of Pageland

Based on the photo below.

Shamelessly Enhanced Self Portrait

Thicker eyebrows and hair and no wrinkles! Based on photo below.

Pam in Her Forties

Based on portion of photo below where she is shown with her late father, Pete Snyder.

Digitized Photo of Evening in Thunderbolt

Lights shining from marina and along the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia, based on portion of photo below.

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