Nothing from Nothing

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Mind of mine, where do you go?
Stop your silly meanderings to and fro.
Cease your aimless wanderings,
your crazed contradictions,
and rest for awhile.

Rest in the mandala,
find peace at the core,
the lyrics of a tune,
waves lapping on the shore.

Centering, centering,
spiraling down.
At the center of the hurricane,
truth can be found.

Let go of wasteful fears
that enough is not enough,
delusions that stuff is made of stuff
other than stuff,
and the assumption
that Nothing is Nothing.

In striving to make
Nothing into something more,
in my fruitless haste,
I had opened up the door
to faulty assumptions
that much to my dismay,
led me to reject Nothing.
I threw Nothing away.

But persistence and I were determined to win.
We went back to the mat and we tried it again.
It took awhile, but we centered back down.
Nothing stared back and here’s what we found
in the the words of Nothing:

Forget your contradictions.
Say “Yes” to your soul.
Don’t shred your dreams
before you reach your goal.

Don’t try to make something out of me.
I am you, who you are meant to be.
Your attempts to control me
only come to naught.

Surrender fickle ego
and empty every thought.
Make room for me
to manifest through you.
Claim the glory of your Nothingness
and you will know that this is true.

I stared squarely into the maw of Nothing: I confronted the void.
Suddenly Love surrounded me like I never before knew it could.

Mind tries again to fool me,
jealous little hack.
But to my silly little mind,
I now speak back:

Cease your silly meanderings,
you crazed little mind,
and in silence claim the glory
that in simple being you will find.

© 2020, All rights reserved, Patricia Leone

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