Yoga Videos

You can view the videos on this page or directly from my leonapatrick youtube channel.

Enjoy a 4.5 minute meditation featuring Pat’s Yantra art and a clip from Shastro’s beautiful Prayer single. Can be done as an opening or closing meditation for your yoga practice.

Enjoy a 4.5 minute meditation to Chakra Yantra Mandalas

Part 1: Floor Vinyasas is a 25-minute chakra clearing and energizing opening floor sequence consisting of breathing exercises, warm-ups, and some awesome stretches. To follow it, you can choose Part 2a below. Stay tuned for Part 3, which will include a transition to the floor, ustrasana (a back bend), inversion poses, a yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and yoga mudra, the yogic seal.

25-minute opening floor exercises based on the seven chakras

Part 2a is a 25-minute Christian version of the standing portion of the Chakra Yoga Class. You can choose it to follow the Part 3: Closing Poses below. Stay tuned for more versions in the works: Part 2b done to chakras without the Bible verses; Part 2c, done to the Bible without the chakras; and Part 2d, a faster paced class including neither the chakra affirmations nor the Bible verses.

25-minute standing vinyasas based on the seven chakras, the Lord’s Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm

Part 3 consists of 21.33 minutes of transition poses to floor, ustrasana (back bend), inversion poses, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and yoga mudra, the yogic seal.

21.33 Minute Closing Poses

An 18.43 minute meditative seated vinyasa series featuring the Pat’s chakra yantra (mandala) creations, and for each chakra, its associated yoga mudra (hand poses) and bija (seed) mantra (chant). For more information on the bija mantras and yantras, see Mindfulness Exercises. Google searches on “chants for each chakra” and “mudras for each chakra” will also bring up many other informative sites.

A 19-minute guided seated meditation featuring beautiful images of yantras (mandalas) of the seven major chakras, a few easy poses, and guided imagery and affirmations.
A 43-minute intermediate class featuring poses for each of the chakras, along with guided imagery and affirmations
A 37-minute beginners class featuring poses the seven chakras along with guided imagery and affirmations.