The current gallery of oil paintings celebrates the beauty of a loved one’s smile, the camaraderie of siblings, sunrise walks along the intracoastal waterway, and looking out over the fields of Pat’s childhood home.

Through the darker themes of Pat’s early work, the beauty is in the poignancy of the last exhausted effort to escape, the sad eyes of the seductress, and the vacant stares of the downtrodden.

Pat created her digital works with the app Procreate, which has spoiled her with its limitless undos and the ability to enlarge the canvas for detailed work.

Her yoga practice inspired Pat’s yantra designs, which consist of symbols and hangings for the seven chakras, the Sri yantra, and Chinnamasta yantra. After many enjoyable hours designing them with the Spirodoodle app, she uses them regularly as yoga drishti (focal points) for meditation.