Works in Progress

The “paintings” below are digital works I created with the $9.99 Procreate app for Ipad. I’ll touch them up whenever I spot ways to improve any of them. Eventually, I plan to paint them in oil. If you click on any of the Procreate images, it will redirect you to the Artpal site, where you can order your own prints.

Sunrise-Gold Marina

Based on the following photo of the sunrise shining gold on the Thunderbolt Marina in the fishing village of Thunderbolt, Georgia:

Taking a Break

Based the following photo of my sisters, Sally and Laurie, on the farm taking a break under the dappled shade of the gingko trees. To see the details, zoom in on the painting on the left.

Original Photo

March Winds

(not based on any photograph)

“March wind is a jolly fellow; He likes to joke and play. He turns umbrellas inside out, And blows men’s hats away. He calls the pussy willows And whispers in each ear, Wake up you lazy little seeds, Don’t you know that spring is here?” ~Anonymous

Catching Dinner

Off the pier at Lazaretto Creek in Tybee Island, Georgia. She’s on crutches and using her cell phone while he is fishing. Based on a small portion of the following photograph taken by my sister Sally:

River Sunset

Based on the following phot of sunset over the Back River on Tybee Island

Thunderbolt Sunrise

Based on the following photograph of a sunrise in along the inter-coastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Sally in Middle School

This is from an unfinished portrait of my younger sister Sally I started when I was 21.

Page on Pageland

Page On Pageland
My sister Page hiking on the family farm.
When our parents bought it, by coincidence, it was called Pageland.

Fields of Pageland

Based on this view from the back porch of the farmhouse on Pageland Farm.

original photograph

Another version of the same view

Self Portrait

Based on this 2017 photo, enhanced with brighter colors and thicker eyebrows & hair!

2017 photograph

Pageland Autumn

Based on this photo from the farmhouse porch on Pageland.

Original Photograph

Sister Pam in Her Forties

Based on this photo of Pam with our Dad.l emphasizing her high Native American cheekbones that I wish I had inherited.

Back River Sunset

On Tybee Island, Georgia, based on photo below with the clouds changed.

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