The “paintings” below are digital works I created with the $9.99 Procreate app for Ipad. I’ll touch them up whenever I spot ways to improve any of them. Eventually, I plan to paint them in oil. If you click on any of the Procreate images, it will redirect you to the Artpal site, where you can order your own prints.

Sunrise-Gold Marina

Based on the following photo of the sunrise shining gold on the Thunderbolt Marina in the fishing village of Thunderbolt, Georgia:

Taking a Break

Based the following photo of my sisters, Sally and Laurie, on the farm taking a break under the dappled shade of the gingko trees. To see the details, zoom in on the painting on the left.

Original Photo

March Winds

(not based on any photograph)

“March wind is a jolly fellow; He likes to joke and play. He turns umbrellas inside out, And blows men’s hats away. He calls the pussy willows And whispers in each ear, Wake up you lazy little seeds, Don’t you know that spring is here?” ~Anonymous

Catching Dinner

Off the pier at Lazaretto Creek in Tybee Island, Georgia. She’s on crutches and using her cell phone while he is fishing. Based on a small portion of the following photograph taken by my sister Sally:

River Sunset

Based on the following phot of sunset over the Back River on Tybee Island

Thunderbolt Sunrise

Based on the following photograph of a sunrise in along the inter-coastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Sally in Middle School

This is from an unfinished portrait of my younger sister Sally I started when I was 21.

Page on Pageland

Page On Pageland
My sister Page hiking on the family farm.
When our parents bought it, by coincidence, it was called Pageland.

Fields of Pageland

Based on this view from the back porch of the farmhouse on Pageland Farm.

original photograph

Another version of the same view

Self Portrait

Based on this 2017 photo, enhanced with brighter colors and thicker eyebrows & hair!

2017 photograph

Pageland Autumn

Based on this photo from the farmhouse porch on Pageland.

Original Photograph

Sister Pam in Her Forties

Based on this photo of Pam with our Dad.l emphasizing her high Native American cheekbones that I wish I had inherited.

Back River Sunset

On Tybee Island, Georgia, based on photo below with the clouds changed.

After many enjoyable hours designing these chakra yantra mandalas, I use them regularly as inspiration for my yoga practice. For your own print or canvas copies, click on any of the images below.

First Chakra, the Root Chakra, foundation,
nourishment, sense of belonging
Manipura, 3rd Chakra,
ego and power
Vishuda, 5th Chakra, Throat Chakra,
truth and self-expression
Sahashrara, 7th Chakra,Crown Chakra,
connection to the Divine
Sri Yantra, the human body
and the cosmos
Seven Chakras banner
Svadhistana, 2nd Chakra, creativity
and sensuality
Anahata, 4th Chakra, Heart Chakra,
love and compassion
Ajna, 6th Chakra,
wisdom and intuition
Chinnamastra Yantra, the ferocious aspects
of the Mother goddess
Seven Chakras, Sri, and Chinamastra

Linen Chakra Hanging, same design as one on the left

12″ x 75; ONLY ONE LEFT, shipping included


Smaller version SOLD OUT

7.5″ x 23″ same design as larger one. SOLD OUT! .


Through the darker themes of my early works, the beauty is in the poignancy of the last exhausted effort to escape, the sad eyes of the seductress, and the vacant stares of the downtrodden. They mirror the battles of my youth with depression and financial survival.

Looking back, I wonder, if I’d had it easy, would I be filled with such overwhelming gratitude today? Would I still cherish the time left to me to for its opportunities to express my continuing joy?

Life is good.

To enlarge and see options for print, click on any of the images below.

Bathsheba at Her Bath, 1969
An 8.75” x 11.5” brush and ink, she could be robing, disrobing, or performing the dance of the seven veils.
Salomé, 1973
An 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas, she stares into nothingness with sad, vacant eyes.
Salomé, 2020
A digitally enhanced version of the original Salomé.
Madonna of Willendorf, 1973
A 14” x 18” acrylic on canvas, inspired by the iconography of the Madonna and the ancient Venus of Willendorf, an over 27,000-old mother goddess figure discovered in Willendorf, Austria, in 1901. With her bodhisattva smile, she radiates resplendent sun goddess glory.
Madonna of Willendorf Mother Goddess
She Who Silently Watches, 1972
A 13” x 17” batik on cotton, the mask of a female face tilts to the side with her earring hanging down.
Peter Contemplating, 1969
An 8.75” x 11.5” brush and ink, in non-chalance, he readies the gate.
Man’s Inhumanity to Man, 1969
A 7” high bronze sculpture created using the ancient lost wax process.
Self-Portrait, 1978
An 18” x 20” pastel self-portrait. Okay, I admit it: I made the nose smaller and the face wider. And the mouth is way too small!
The Artist Manifesting as Ruth, 1973
An 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas, the painting evokes my primitive feelings of femininity and kinship with the biblical Ruth. 
The deep earth tones, like those of a tree trunk, symbolize her passive feminine strength.
The reds are the color of Muladhara, the first of the seven chakras, which in the yogic tradition are the major subtle energy centers of the body. The Muladhara chakra represents her foundation and sense of belonging. 
On her forehead is a circle symbolizing Ajna, her third eye, the sixth chakra, which represents wisdom and intuition.
In a gesture of self-care, she raises her left hand to her right cheek. While she has a strong sense of belonging within her family and her tribe, it is her own inner strength and faith in her Lord that sustains her.
The Purple and Blue Bla’s, 1973
Self-portrait of the artist in a blue and purple funk.

My current work celebrates the beauty I find in a loved one’s smile, the camaraderie of siblings, sunrise walks along the intracoastal waterway, and looking out over the fields of my childhood home — beauty that evil and tragedy can’t erase.

Click on any of the images below to see options for canvas copies and prints. Or go directly to to see all my work available for print.

2021 Into the Brighter Light

Let’s have a brighter 2021!
24” by 36” oil on canvas, completed January 1, 2021. The brighter light and the gentle ripples flowing forward in the bottom right corner herald better times to come.

Based on the following photograph

2020 Into The Light

24” by 36” oil on canvas. November sunrise in Thunderbolt, Georgia, along the Wilmington River on the intracoastal waterway. It represents a weary world’s struggle to keep their focus on the light coming in through the dark clouds of 2020.

Also based on the photograph above.

Nicky on Balkony

18” x 24” oil on canvas of Nicky on the balcony enjoying the morning view of the Wilmington River on the intracoastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Based on this photograph.

Shrimp Boat in Thunderbolt

30” by 40” oil on canvas of a shrimp boat docking at sunrise after an early morning catch.

Original photograph:

Returning to Thunderbolt

30” by 40” oil on canvas sunrise scene of a boat returning to Thunderbolt, Georgia, along the Wilmington River on the Inter-coastal waterway.

Original photograph (reversed):

Evening in Thunderbolt

18” by 24” oil on canvas evening view of Wilmington River along the intracoastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Based on a portion of the photograph below:

Sunrise in Thunderbolt

18” by 24” oil on canvas of a sunrise over the Wilmington River along the intracoastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Original photograph:

Cloud Coming In

18” by 24” oil on canvas. The lights in the middle top are from the Thunderbolt Marina.

Based on a portion of this photograph:

Fields of Pageland

A 40” x 16” oil on canvas view of the southern fields and pump shed on Pageland Farm, where the author grew up, still in the family today. On the farm’s eastern side, it is adjacent to the Manassas Battlefield Park.

View of Pageland Farm
Fields of Pageland 2019

Based on the this photograph:

Beach Booms on Tybee

16” by 20” oil on canvas of the Boomer artist (right) and her Boomer sisters Sally, left, and Laurie, middle, on the beach at Tybee Island, Georgia, painted in 2018.

Intensified the colors based on this photograph:

The images below are shown only on this site. Clicking on them will not bring up options to print them.

Sisters at Tybee

12” by 12” oil on canvas of sisters under a pavilion at Tybee Island, Georgia. My plans are to work on it some more to make the features clearer and the background colors brighter.

Based on this photograph:

Jungle Patrol in Vietnam

Sketched from a photograph, but without realizing it, I gave him an older face because that’s how I knew him.


16” by 20” oil on canvas. After forty years of not picking up a paint brush, my boyfriend’s request for a portrait and my sunrise walks along the intercostal waterway started my metamorphosis into the artist I am today. In October of 2013, John died of leukemia from Agent Orange, a final reward for serving his country as a Marine in Vietnam. I was blessed to have time with him.

I don’t have the original photo for this, but here is a shot of him squinting in the sun:

Digitally enhanced version
Created with the $9.99 Procreate app for IPad. To touch up the original oil on canvas version, I imported it to Procreate. With Procreate’s zoom feature, it is much easier to get the details like the eyes and fingers. If you make a mistake, it has a multiple undo feature. Unlike oils, you don’t have to scrape the paint off or wait days for it to dry before you can correct your mistakes. I can get the job done so much faster!