Digital Works

My digital paintings continue to celebrate the beauty of the places and people around me. While most are based on photographs, I’ve thrown in a few that were just pure fun. To see larger versions (via a zoom X in the lower right corner) and buy prints, take a peek at my Digital Works gallery at

Spring Is Here!

Leona Patrick

Trees on Pageland

Farm in Gainesville, Virginia, based on photo below.

Trees on Pageland 2

Another version of same scene

Sunrise on Thunderbolt

Based on photo below.

Sun Gold Marina

View of sunrise over Thunderbolt Marina, based on photo below

Lazaretto Sunset

Based on photo below.

Taking a Break

Laurie and Sally at Pageland taking a break from preparing for Laurie’s daughter Annie’s wedding.

Party Time!

Having a little abstract fun.

Autumn on Pageland

Based on photo below.

Back River Morning

Back River on Tybee Island, Georgia, based on portion of photo below.

Condos by Marina

Digitized photo of Bahia Bleu Condos by the Morningstar Marina in Thunderbolt, Georgia

Sally In Middle School

Sally Now

Page of Pageland

Based on the photo below.

Shamelessly Enhanced Self Portrait

Thicker eyebrows and hair and no wrinkles! Based on photo below.

Pam in Her Forties

Based on portion of photo below where she is shown with her late father, Pete Snyder.

Digitized Photo of Evening in Thunderbolt

Lights shining from marina and along the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia, based on portion of photo below.

Recent Oil Paintings

My oils celebrate the beauty I find in sunrise walks along the intercostal waterway, a loved one’s smile, and the camaraderie of siblings. For originals or prints, go to the my gallery of Recent Works at

Into the Brighter Light 2021

Into the Brighter Light Oil Painting

Finished New Years Day 2021. Brightened colors with gentle ripples flowing in the right lower corner to usher in a better 2021. Sunrise over the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia, based on the photo below.

Focus on the Light 2020

Bleaker rendering of photograph above, symbolizes a weary world trying to keep their focus on the light during the initial days of Covid, based on the photo above.

Cloud Coming In 2019

The approach of stormy weather over the Wilmington River intracoastal waterway, as if to portend troubled times ahead, based on portion of photo below.

Shrimp Boat in Thunderbolt

Preparing for morning catch, based on photo below.

Returning to Thunderbolt

After a successful morning catch, based on photo below, reversed.

Catching Dinner

Catching Dinner Oil Painting

She’s on crutches talking on her cell phone while he catches dinner on Lazaretto pier, a blow up based on the center of the photo below.

Original Photograph

Beach Boomers on Tybee

Sister Sally, Sister Laurie, and the Artist on the right, based on photo below.

Nicky on Balcony

View of the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia, based on photo below.

Thunderbolt Sunrise

Along the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia, based on the photo below.

Sisters on Tybee

Laurie, Patty, and Sally on pier on Tybee Island, Georgia, based on photo below.

On Jungle Control In Vietnam 1972

John at 18, but I made him have an older face because that’s how I knew him.

Portrait of John

Who died in 2012 from leukemia from Agent Orange in Vietnam, not based on a photograph, but here’s one of him squinting int the sun.

Digital Portrait of John

A digital version created with the Procreate app for iPad. No messy oils, unlimited undos, and zoom ins for the detailed work, like the eyes and fingers. I do believe I’m getting spoiled.

Fields of Pageland

View of Pageland Farm

With pump house on the lower left. Based on photo below with added leaves

Original Photograph

Yantra Designs

After many enjoyable hours designing these chakra yantra mandalas, I use them regularly as inspiration for my yoga practice. For prints, go to the Yantra gallery page at

First Chakra, the Root Chakra, foundation,
nourishment, sense of belonging
Manipura, 3rd Chakra,
ego and power
Vishuda, 5th Chakra, Throat Chakra,
truth and self-expression
Sahashrara, 7th Chakra,Crown Chakra,
connection to the Divine
Sri Yantra, the human body
and the cosmos
Seven Chakras banner
Svadhistana, 2nd Chakra, creativity
and sensuality
Anahata, 4th Chakra, Heart Chakra,
love and compassion
Ajna, 6th Chakra,
wisdom and intuition
Chinnamastra Yantra, the ferocious aspects
of the Mother goddess
Seven Chakras, Sri, and Chinamastra

Linen Chakra Hanging, same design as one on the left

12″ x 75; ONLY ONE LEFT, shipping included


Smaller version SOLD OUT

7.5″ x 23″ same design as larger one. SOLD OUT! .


Early Works

Through the darker themes of my early works, the beauty is in the poignancy of the last exhausted effort to escape, the sad eyes of the seductress, and the vacant stares of the downtrodden. They mirror the battles of my youth with depression and financial survival. Looking back, I wonder, if I’d had it easy, would I be filled with such overwhelming gratitude today? Would I still cherish the time left to me to for its opportunities to express my continuing joy? For prints and originals, go to the Early gallery page at

The Purple and Blue Bla’s
Portrait of the artist in a purple and blue funk, acrylic on canvas board, 1973

Bathsheba at Her Bath
An 8.75” x 11.5” brush and ink, she could be robing, disrobing, or performing the dance of the seven veils, 1969.

She Who Silently Watches
A 13” x 17” batik on cotton, the mask of a female face tilts to the side with her earring hanging down.

An 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas, she stares into nothingness with sad, vacant eyes, 1973


Blue Salomé
A digitally enhanced version of the original Salomé, 2020

Madonna of Willendorf,
A 14” x 18” acrylic on canvas, inspired by the iconography of the Madonna and the ancient Venus of Willendorf, an over 27,000-old mother goddess figure discovered in Willendorf, Austria, in 1901. With her bodhisattva smile, she radiates resplendent sun goddess glory. 1973

Madonna of Willendorf Mother Goddess

Peter at the Gate
An 8.75” x 11.5” brush and ink, in nonchalance, he readies the gate, 1969

Man’s Inhumanity to Man
A 7” high bronze sculpture created using the ancient lost wax process, 1969

The Artist Manifesting as Ruth
An 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas, the painting evokes primitive feelings of femininity and kinship with the biblical Ruth. 1973

An 18” x 20” pastel self-portrait. Okay, I admit it: I made the nose smaller and the face wider. And the mouth is way too small! 1978