Guided meditations and yoga classes based on the yogic, Christian, Native American, and combined traditions. The cover art is a photo of Madonna of Willendorf, my painting inspired by the iconography of the Madonna and the ancient Venus of Willendorf, an over 27,000-old mother goddess figure discovered in Willendorf, Austria, in 1901.

For the video versions of The Meditation in Motion and the Seated Guided Chakra Meditation go to my youtube channel.

Seated Guided Meditation Take 2 Into the Light

Shorter 15-min version with Mantras (chants) and without the Mudras (hand gestures).
  1. Seated Guided Meditation Take 2
  2. Here I Am Universe Take 2
  3. Guyantri Mantra
  4. Psalm 91: Prayer of Protection
  5. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Yoga Nidra
  6. Meditation in Motion: A Chakra Yoga Practice
  7. Seated Guided Chakra Meditation
  8. Brain Refresh Shortened Version
  9. Lord's Prayer Chakra Yoga Nidra
  10. Earth Ceremony

Seated Guided Chakra Meditation Video Version

Meditation in Motion, video version

Youtube-only version: Beginner’s 37-minute Chair Chakra Yoga.