Guided Meditations

A journey to the sound of shamanic drums into the dimension of the non-ordinary reality of the underworld, the realm of ancestors and nature spirits.
Can be done in shivasana, the supine resting pose for Yoga Nidra, or seated. Based on the Sandra Ingerman’s Transfiguration Ceremony on her website under Transmutation News. Best done outdoors, but if indoors, imagine yourself in a favorite spot outdoors. I imagine myself under one of the ginkgo trees in my painting of the backyard of the Pageland Farm, my childhood home.
Taijasa in the Sanskrit word for radiant awareness. The meditation uses guided imagery to take you into the depths of your being where you become one with the great I AM. It may take successive sessions to achieve even a fleeting moment of I AM-ness, yet even a fleeting moment is a huge step toward spiritual awakening.

Shorter 15-min version with Mantras (chants) and without the Mudras (hand gestures).

Meditation and Prayers adapted from “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
Five minute Yoga Nidra based on the poem, “Here I Am, Universe!” by Leona Patrick.
A seated meditation inspired by Twin Hearts Meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui on the Pranic Healers Website. The image was taken on my flight during arrival into Savannah. This is actually only 11 minutes. Somehow additional meditations from my “Into the Light” podcast got tacked on the end. I’m working on fixing that, but meanwhile you can stop the recording whenever you want.
Explains the meaning of the Hindu words of the mantra and ends with a Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation.
Moses’ Prayer while climbing Mt. Sinai.
A Christian yoga nidra featuring Ecclesiastes Chapter 3; Muladhara, the first chakra, and its relationship to forgiveness; and Manipura, the second chakra, the alignment of the will to divine purpose.
A complete housecleaning for your brain while relaxing in guided Yoga Nidra.
Deep Relaxation based on “The Lord’s Prayer and the Seven Chakras” by Dana Williams.

A shorter 15 minute version of the Guided Chakra Meditation video without the hand gestures (mudras) and the chakra mandalas.

This meditation that uses the pressure points identified in EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. If you press the arrow button on the right side of the blue rectangle, it plays the pressure points meditation, which is actually only 9.3 minutes. But if you click in the center, it will play 3:50 hours of meditations one after another. I’m working on fixing this.