Christian Yoga Class

Part 2a is the Christian version of the standing portion of the Chakra Yoga Class. You can choose it to follow Part 1: Stay tuned for more versions in the works: Part 2b done to chakras without the Bible verses; Part 2c, done to the Bible without the chakras; and Part 2d, a faster paced class including neither the chakra affirmations nor the Bible verses.

You can follow this with Part 3: Closing poses, includes transition poses to the floor, ustrasana (a back stretch), inversion poses, a short guided yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and a closing yoga mudra, the yogic seal, to seal it all in.


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  1. I pray to God to provide enlightenment on this issue. Dear Christian, Yoga has roots that are pagan and stand to worship gods other than Jesus our Christ. I do not think we should try to take something like this and Christianize it. It has no place in Christianity at all. God would not share his glory with other gods. I am not trying to judge you, I am just trying to share wisdom on the issue at hand. Christians need to workout, yes true, but I doubt that Yoga specifically is needed.

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    • Although yoga was first practiced by Hindus, yoga is not a religion in its own right. Buddhists, Jainists, and people of all religions practice yoga, and are free to recite their own scripture passages while practicing it.
      Unlike religion, it has no formal creed, set of rituals or obligations – unless you count the discipline of a regular practice.
      Given the lack of formal creed, it’s more accurate to call it a spiritual practice than a religious one.


    • Thank you for your comment. As a fellow Christian, I appreciate your concerns. Although Hindus were the first to practice Yoga, it is not in itself a religion and does not limit one to any god or set of gods. Whichever members of religious groups who want to practice yoga, can freely incorporate it without fear that it will conflict with or contradict their own beliefs. Today, there are many branches of yoga, and many religions that practice it. In some yoga studios, you may find teachers who lean towards non-Christian traditions, but please don’t let that sour you to yoga. There are many Christian groups who practice yoga, one of which is called “Holy Yoga,” just as there are non-Christian groups, such as Buddhists and Jainists who practice their own versions. You can compare it to eating different ethnic foods. Just because you are eating a Chinese food, doesn’t mean you worship their gods or adhere to their beliefs.


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