Here I Am, Universe!

Sunrise over Thunderbolt

Under a blanket of earth,
an origami enfolding inwards upon myself,
in unconscious bliss, I nestle in winter’s silent shell.

Changes in the earth awaken me, fuzzy,
before I slip back into dreamless sleep.

When the next daylight beckons longer and warmer,
I awake more conscious before darkness lulls me again.

Today’s morning rays shine directly upon me.
As they pierce through my shell, a tiny crack opens.

A ray of brilliant white light beams in,
igniting each cell and every strand of DNA with vibrating promise,
poising me on the brink of potentiality.

Universe breathes its prana, life force, into the crack.
I breathe out, announcing my presence to Universe.
Universe welcomes me, bathes me in her warm, healing glow.

Minuscule movements within my shell sound cracking noises.
The hologram that is me unveils chrysalis layers of its origami folds,
sprouting fingers and toes, arms and legs.
A sturdy stalk shoots upwards, lifting me into a seated position.

Slow first movements, then long, luxurious stretches,
I emerge from my shell and leave it behind.

Stretching, elongating my spine,
I lift my head upward to receive the light,
a flower, smiling into the sun.

© 2020 Leona Patrick, all rights reserved

You can find a four and a half minute podcast of a Yoga Nidra based on this poem by clicking on the Guided Meditations Page on the menu above.


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